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Delegate your ꜩ coins, make a %, support decentralization.

Our primary goal at BakingꜩBenjamins is to fight for and support Tezos decentralization with our voting on your behalf. We will provide useful information, education, and support to the Tezos community. We have failover baking systems & timely, accurate payments.

Our Baker Address:


We are currently open for new delegations. If you want to check our capacity, take a look at Tzstats or contact us. Our current capacity is about 50,000ꜩ. We've got extra funds to bring this up to around 80,000ꜩ. If you want to delegate once our capacity is full or if you want to delegate a large amount, contact us prior to this so we can activate our extra capacity process.

After you delegate your ꜩ drop us a line and let us know what's important to you.

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